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 The Laws of God are the laws and principles about the essence of life and the transmigration of energy in the multi-dimensional world. "The Seven Seals" which appears in "The Revelation to John," indicates the seals of the scroll in which future predictions are described. Already, the seals are broken and the predictions are coming true. In addition, it is the title of the work which decoded all the texts of the Revelation and clarified the whole.
 New informations ◆ Dawn of the New Civilization ◆
Main Messages
The prayer for purifying
The Time of Great Earthquakes
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The thoughts of kuu and mu
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精神世界 ランキング
The guidepost of the chaotic world

The crisis of humankind's fate and the child of God

Prophecies and the mercy of God

Religion is science : Preface

Religion is seience : Text

The light of peacefulness

What is an ideal?

Art by La Luce
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◆◆◆ Mind and Soul, Spiritual World, The Secret of God ◆◆◆
 Pursuit of happiness and spiritual enlightenment
◆ The strange words of the Almighty God indicating himself appear in the Revelation to John.

 It is the secret about the birth of the spirit group of the Earth, about the God of the evolution, and about the great law of evolution. I decoded the mystery of these words. For details, please refer to "The Seven Seals," which are the deciphered documents.
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◆ One passage
   in the Revelation to John


 I am the Alpha and the Omega,

the first and the last,

the beginning and the end.
The warnings and the great good news which God prepared 2000 years ago have been sealed until they could be decoded.
Now, they revived vividly.

The great good news is the only writings proving the actual existence of God.
【The Seven Seals】
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The Revelation to John, the writing which decoded all the texts/ Publishing company : Taiyo Shuppan in Japan/ Author : Kouji Kubota/ First Edition : 1997.4
  This website has introduced in detail the writings called "The Seven Seals" which decoded all the texts of "the Revelation to John" edited in the New Testament. God showed John humankind's future 2000 years ago, and ordered him to write it down. These writings have proved that they are the message to the present humankind and the prophesies about the fate of Japan, the United States of America, Russia, the Middle East, and humankind's fate. And these writings have explained the true meaning and the true purpose of the Revelation.
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Those who want to know in detail about the world of man's essence, spirit, soul, God, and higher-dimensional worlds etc. need to refer to here.

To the table of contents explaining about the spiritual worlds, such as the mind, soul and spirit, Heaven and Hell, devil and evil spirits, angel and higher spirits, the Guardian Spirit and the Guiding Spirit, Grand Guiding Spirits of Light, the evolution of spirit, God, and the relationship between humankind's history and the universe.
Earth : The Nine Planets
A Multimedia Tour of the Solar System
by Bill Arnett

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Art by La Luce

To the table of contents explaining about yourself and your mind;

Where is your mind?, what are the brains?, for what purpose does man live?, where does man go after dying?, the purpose in your life, you are the mind itself and you borrow flesh, what is happiness?, the conditions of success, the true meaning of prizing yourself, etc.
The last message
of God
to humankind

Guidance to the spiritual world
The writings in which the love and mercy of God manifested itself.
And they are also the writings for noticing the spiritual world.

"The warnings from the future"<Ja.>
Publishing company : Tama Shuppan in Japan
Author : Jucelino Nobrega da Luz
First edition : 2007/03/31
 This is the record of the prophet who appeared in Brazil. There are 88,430 documents which predicted the future, pinpointing the time and place, and it is proved that 90% of the prophecies have been realized.
 However, I do not think that such prophecies will become real as they are. Although it seems that it is contradictory, in order to avoid these hopeless prophecies, they were sent to the world on earth.(Refer to the following link)
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◆◆◆ "The Revelation to John,"◆◆◆
"Edgar Cayce's prophecies," "Jucelino's prophecies" etc.,
are not predictions of fear but the manifestations of the love and mercy of God.
Then, what is the mind of God? What is the true good news?
Is the scenario of prophecies determined???<Ja.>
"Watch therefore, ... " (Matthew [24-42],[25-13]) ----To 144,000 people who have been sealed (The Revelation to John[7-4]).<Ja.>
"The greatness of God and the plan of evolution," and the table of contents of other papers. <Ja.>
Global warming and cooling/The escape scenario from the humankind's extinction <Ja.>
The Time of Great Earthquakes <Ja.>
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Research of the Laws of God / the Guidepost for the Ideal State (Utopia)
Books about the Laws of God <Ja.> Future technology<Ja.> Construction of the ideal state
Other papers
The collapse of capitalism and The Ideal Economy<Ja.> Questions or opinions of readers

One of the spiritual hometowns : Pleiades star cluster

Also from here, in order to observe the evolution of humankind, former humankind's friends have already come to the Earth.

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One of the spiritual hometowns : Large Magellanic Cloud
Humankind's flesh ancestor came flying first from the star with this Galaxy.

Various aliens have already flown to this Earth and have made bases, and they are observing the crisis of humankind's fate with means like borrowing man's flesh.

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大徳寺昭輝・天命庵  大徳寺昭輝氏主宰の愛と安らぎの里。天保年間に実在し天理教の教祖となった中山みきが大徳寺氏の指導霊として、氏の声帯を借りて心の教えを語り続けている。中山みきの実像については、芹沢光治良著「教祖様」が参考になる。また、大徳寺氏の諸活動の原点は同作家の著書「神の慈愛」を初めとする神シリーズ全八巻に詳しく紹介されている。
( ひき・るな )
JDR義塾  天川貴之氏が主宰する理念哲学の塾。光明思想をベースにし、個の発展と繁栄から出発して、地上ユートピアを建設しようという壮大な夢を、哲学的な表現を借りながら一人一人の心に語りかけている。氏の理念的言葉には、勇気と知恵を、読む人の心に取り戻させる不思議な力がある。
私の中の神との出会い 小玉隆子 万華鏡 神を身近な存在として感じるようになった方の体験記です。
あのね、ガンはこわくないのよ 肉体と心は本来別のものですが、しかし実は大変深い関係があります。こじまもとこさんは私の親しい友人ですが、心の持ち方で癌を克服した自らの体験を通し、心の大切さ、心の法則について、誰にでもわかるように語り続けています。
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Newage Search:非常に多くのジャンルとリンク登録があります。検索できるので便利です。
精神世界ランキング 今人気の精神世界ページが分かる。
LaLuce バナー 小 La Luce with love and light : 天使や女神、癒しの色、光たちのギャラリー、天使、聖母 マリア、スピリチュアル、女神、天使のお茶などをテーマにしたイラスト多数。癒しのHP、是非参照してください。
貴希氏のCGギャラリー : 理性的透明感のある、魂が飛翔する世界を描いており、神を感じさせる不思議な世界。予言書とは直接関係ありませんが、私の想像する天国のイメージに近い光の描写方法だと思いますので参考にリンクいたしました。癒しのHP、是非参照してください。
KAGAYギャラリー : 貴希氏の所属するスタジオ やはり天国に通じる光の描写がされている絵画が数多くありますので必見です。癒しのHP、是非参照してください。

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