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◆◆◆ The Seven Seals ◆◆◆
This book contains the decoding of all texts of "The Revelation to John."
Publishing company : Taiyo Shuppan in Japan
Author : Kouji Kubota  First Edition : 1997.4

Since the first edition of "The Seven Seals" was published,
the situation in the world has been advancing as written in the prophecies of "The Revelation to John."

"The Revelation to John"
is both the Message of God sent to Man today
and the Writings which prove the Actual Existence of God.

Although "the Revelation to John" is very difficult,
if you read it without preconceptions, it is not difficult at all.The Key to solving many questions in your life is in "The Seven Seals," which is a total of 350 pages.

 This site introduces "The Seven Seals" in which all texts of "The Revelation to John" are decoded. And this site instead of John will give the full particulars and the spirit of the Revelation to many people. Moreover, this site will give you information which I was not able to include in the work "The Seven Seals."

The thick veil which has continued covering "The Revelation to John" for 2000 years is removed by the book "The Seven Seals," and the whole image will emerge clearly.

The Outline
of "The Seven Seals"

1.The Great Prophecies Already Realized
●The Bombing of North Vietnam  ●Iran-Iraq War  ●The Nuclear Power Plant Disaster of Chernobyl ●The Invasion of Kuwait by the Iraq Army  ●The Spread of Epidemics  ●The Seven Leading Industrialized Nations and Russia ●Japan and the United States of America  ●The Economic Crisis of Japan

to detailed explanation

1. The Secret of the Spirit Group on the Earth, and the World of God.

2. The Reason for the Existence of "The Revelation to John"

2.The Great Prophecies of the Near Future
●The Collapse of North Korea ●The Annihilation of New York ●The Functional Stop of the United Nations  ●The Frequent Occurrence of Great Earthquakes  ●The Shift of The Earth's Axis (The Pole Shift) ●The Abnormal Weather and The Food Crisis ●The Decisive Battle in the Middle East ●The Important Mission of Japan

3. "The Revelation to John" greatly differs from other books of the New Testament.

4. Preface

5. Table of Contents

6. The Outline of Part 1 : "The Seven Seals"

3.The Greatest Mysteries Solved
●What is the battle of Armageddon?  ●The mystery of 666 solved at last. What is the result?  ●What is the mystery of "the hour, the day, the month, and the year"?

7. The Outline of Part 2 : " The Seven Seals"

8. Postscript

9. The Correction and the Apology in the Description of this Book "The Seven Seals."

4.The Essence of Life and God
●What is Life?  ●What is Man's Essence?  ●What is the Evolution of Man?  ●The secret of humankind on the Earth  ●Heaven and Hell ●God  ●Savior

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10.Various kinds of symbols suggested in the Revelation

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The decoding of all texts of
"The Revelation to John."

The Seven Seals

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