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The Lows of God

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 The Laws of God are the laws and principles about the essence of life and the transmigration of energy in the multi-dimensional world. "The Seven Seals" which appears in "The Revelation to John," indicates the seals of the scroll in which future predictionsare described. Already, the seals are broken and the predictions are coming true. In addition, it is the title of the workwhich decoded all the texts of the Revelation and clarified the whole.

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The Time of Great Earthquakes
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The thoughts of kuu and mu
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◆◆◆ The Revelation to John ◆◆◆
Detailed and deciphered whole text

God's proof of reality / The astonishing prophecy that revives vividly in the present age

◆ The strange wordsof the Almighty God indicating himself appear in the Revelation to John.

 It is the secret about the birth of the spirit group of the Earth, about the God of the evolution, and about the great law of evolution. I decoded the mystery of these words. For details, please refer to "The Seven Seals," which are the deciphered documents.

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◆ One passage
   in the Revelation to John

 I am the Alpha and the Omega,
the first and the last,
the beginning and the end.

The great good news is the only writings proving the actual existence of God.

The warnings and the great good news which God prepared 2000 years ago have been sealed until they could be decoded.

Now, they revived vividly.→

【The Seven Seals】
This link is to the English version.
The Revelation to John, the writing which decoded all the texts/ Publishing company : Taiyo Shuppan in Japan/ Author : Kouji Kubota/ First Edition : 1997.4
The on-line shop of Taiyo Shuppan

 This website has introduced in detail the writings called "The Seven Seals" which decoded all the texts of "the Revelation to John" edited in the New Testament. God showed John humankind's future 2000 years ago, and ordered him to write it down. These writings have proved that they are the message to the present humankind and the prophesies about the fate of Japan, the United States of America, Russia, the Middle East, and humankind's fate. And these writings have explained the true meaning and the true purpose of the Revelation.

◆◆◆ Mind and Soul, Spiritual World, The Secret of God ◆◆◆
 Pursuit of happiness and spiritual enlightenment

◆◆◆ Study on God's plan ◆◆◆

"The Revelation to John,""Edgar Cayce's prophecies,""Jucelino's prophecies" etc., are not predictions of fear but the manifestations of the love and mercy of God.
Then, what is the mind of God?  What is the true good news?

◆ Research of the Laws of God /
The Guidepost for the Ideal State (Utopia) ◆

One of the spiritual hometowns : Pleiades star cluster

Also from here, in order to observe the evolution of humankind, former humankind's friends have already come to the Earth.

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One of the spiritual hometowns : Large Magellanic Cloud
Humankind's flesh ancestor came flying first from the star with this Galaxy.

Various aliens have already flown to this Earth and have made bases, and they are observing the crisis of humankind's fate with means like borrowing man's flesh.


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