The Seven Seals

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 Faith is the mind which searches for truth, the mind which believes in the actual existence of God, and the mind which venerates the great existence. Simultaneously, it is also the mind which believes in the divinity of yourself, after eliminating your evil mind.

 Religion is both "the science of the mind" and also "the science of the universe." There are two major principles ruling this universe, which are development and harmony. That is, this space-time can exist by setting development as the horizontal axis and setting love as the vertical axis.

The growth of soul
The development of love

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 Therefore, the growth of the soul (spirit) or mind can be put in other words as the improvement in the capability for practicing love. If you are going to practice the great love and the right love, pull out a man's great potential, and are going to bring up a man,
probably, occasionally you have to practice tough love.

 Courage and wisdom will be needed if you are going to practice tough love. How can you acquire such courage and wisdom?

The key about growth of your soul (spirit) is on this site.