The Seven Seals

 ◆◆◆ The crisis of humankind's fate and the child of God ◆◆◆

 Dozens of years from now, convulsions of nature, abnormal weather, plagues, and the disturbances of war, all catastrophes will attack humankind repeatedly. And humankind shall experience the greatest trial yet. No God shall answer those who pray in order to ask for salvation for their mere lives. It is because God has already given man all the good news as spiritual salvation

 If the present age is seen historically, it turns out that humankind has had great difficulty in various aspects. Humankind has been attacked by crises, such as energy, food, abnormal weather, plagues with strong toxicity, collapse of the United States style of capitalism, and fiscal bankruptcy of advanced nations. Furthermore, the time of convulsions of nature

exceeding the imagination of man will start soon.

 The sun will once hide behind the clouds, and light will not shine onto the surface of the earth. As a result this world may seem to have been wrapped in chaotic darkness; however, it does not mean the sun is lost. The sun is continuing to supply light from behind the thick clouds.

Man has to remember that man's essence is spirit.
Man has to appreciate the Great Divine Spirit who dwells on the Earth,
and God who manages the evolution of humankind.
Humankind has to implement the environmental protection policies immediately
under the cooperation of every country in the world.
Leaders have to conquer the difficult problems between states and help each other.
Man has to prize his conscience and has to help each other.

 If many people are spiritually awakened to the fact that man is the child of God, humankind can be saved from the crisis of fate. Therefore, it is important that first, man appreciates God for giving him life, and next, corrects his thoughts and conduct on the basis of his conscience.

 If the cloud which covered the world on earth, i.e., the one called the energy of man's evil thoughts, is removed, the light of the sun (God) should shine on Earth again. Although every man's evil thoughts may be slight, if the energy of these thoughts accumulates, it will become a huge thick cloud. Now is the time when many just forget the natural matter that every man has to correct his thoughts and conduct on the basis of his conscience.

 Materialism, worship of money, commercialism of mass production and mass consumption, and the misapprehension that science is almighty etc. confuses us. The sun which shines through the clouds, i.e., that is also the figure of God who continues pouring out love and mercy. The key for knowing the actual existence of God is just near you.

Here are all the keys for living in the time of crisis.
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