The Seven Seals

 ◆◆◆ The light of peacefulness ◆◆◆

 When chaos and darkness fill the world on earth, what do people earnestly want?

 It may not be either life or death.

Furthermore, it may also be neither food nor treasure.

Isn't it peace of mind?

 Peacefulness dwells in the mind, when accepting all fate from the bottom of the mind.

 Then, how does man come to accept his complete fate and become able to gain peacefulness?

The light of peacefulness

Art by La Luce

When you believe in God and truly know the greatness of God, the light of peacefulness will shine into your mind.

 The light of peacefulness, i.e., that is the light of God, and is put into the mind which has completely believed in God.

  In a difficult situation, after thinking hard thoroughly and trying hard, when praying to God in quest of guidance, man could accept his fate.

  If you can believe in the actual existence of God from the bottom of your mind, that is the first great spiritual enlightenment.

 In order to be able to know the true greatness of God, you have to begin from getting to know a part of God'mind correctly.