The Seven Seals

  ◆◆◆ Religion is science : Preface  ◆◆◆

 Science originally means the posture when researching unknown fields, namely only treating what everyone can prove or can recognize is not called science.
 We can recognize the things which are invisible or cannot be held, and we have already believed in the existence of many of those. The world of the mind, the world of the spirit and the world of God exist really solemnly.
 When trying hard to search for them and investigate the truth, the religious domain must also be the one which

Religion is science
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should be searched as science.
 And they are the fields which pass to God who exists really. Therefore, clear logic and clear laws are indispensable there.
 When we are liberated from the superstitions which many men of today have, we will know the essence of life and the relationship between spirit, soul, and flesh. Furthermore, development of technology for flying through 4-dimensional space, and the technology for taking out energy from space etc. will progress, and the dawn of a space civilization will start.