The Seven Seals

◆◆◆  Prophecies and the mercy of God ◆◆◆

 When various kinds of humankind came flying from various planets of this universe in ancient times and the spirit group was organized on this Earth, God planned the evolution of humankind and has continued watching us.

 The ruins of Atlantis or Mu civilization and the continental submersions were the occurrences before humankind's civilization having shifted to present-day science civilization.
 Furthermore, now again God has a plan to create the new space civilization with a spiritual foundation.

The mercy of God

Art by La Luce

  For that, human beings need to evolve more spiritualy.
However, old values, especially materialism must be ruined first.

 By one principle, when the energy of deep-seated grudges accumulated historically and the energy of evil thoughts (which the present humankind has) cover the earth, various disasters including convulsions of nature occur, but God does not generate them intentionally.
 They are the results of humankind inviting them on itself.

  God has sent various prophecies including "the Revelation to John" to the world on earth, viewing the future and watching humankind with eyes of mercy, and has given warnings repeatedly to humankind. Simultaneously, the word of God has been told to man through many prophets by various spiritual communications. Luxuriant growth of the present-day spiritual movement has proved the above.

  While telling that the two writings are not prophecies of fear but expressions of the mercy of God and are one expedient for making people notice the spiritual world's existence, this website has told you that humankind's bright future will come soon. And about which way humankind should choose at the time of crisis, at what state man should maintain his mind, moreover, about the spiritual world including Heaven and Hell, and about God, I will give explanations which are as intelligible and rational as possible.