The Seven Seals

  ◆◆◆ What is an ideal? ◆◆◆

 Ideals are the memories in Heaven which the spirit has, therefore, everybody always has the wish of pursuing them.
 However, they do not exist in far future or in Heaven beyond the veil. Those who think so cannot hold them forever.
 It is whether you can now find out the ideal figures in this 3-dimensional world. Because, "ideal" is the word which shows the direction where this space-time is moving forward.

Spiritual memory
The direction of God

Art by La Luce

 Namely, it is the direction of God. Now, we are already alive in the one cross section of this space-time.

 And also in the world of confusion or the dark time when people have missed the compass, the means for pioneering the following time have been given to us and various signs which will bear the time have already budded.

 Let's find out, participate and raise them.